Arrested or charged with a Criminal Offense? Call Chak Law.

Post by: Chak Law April 27, 2023

Receiving a Criminal charge can be unpleasant. You deserve a Criminal Defense Attorney who is dedicated to answering your concerns, explaining the process step by step, and providing quality legal representation.

We want to ensure you have the best chance for a positive outcome in your case. Chak Law’s Criminal Attorneys represent defendants facing Criminal charges in all levels of Court. Mr. John Chak, is one of Richmond’s top rated Criminal attorneys, and our team has extensive experience in a variety of complex cases. Together with our client’s input, we build a strong legal defense, negotiate with the prosecution, and represent clients at trial if the case requires it.

If you are charged with a Criminal Offense or arrested, you should seek immediate legal advice. Getting the assistance of defense attorney can help you avoid a Criminal record or onerous prison terms.

We provide representation services for the following offenses:


Sexual Assault

Sexual Harassment

Domestic Violence

Impaired Driving


All Criminal Appeals

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