Driving while prohibited – Vancouver Criminal Lawyers

Post by: Chak Law April 26, 2023

Driving On a Suspended Licence in Vancouver is one of the most common traffic crimes in British Columbia.

Driving while prohibited is illegal. Driving On a Suspended Licence are considered traffic crimes that can actually result in jail, probation and a criminal record if you are convicted. The following are some of the consequences and penalties you face if charged with a Vancouver Driving On a Suspended Licence under section 95 of the Motor Vehicle Act:

first conviction will result in a one-year licence suspension.

second conviction within ten years will result in a three-year licence suspension.

Three or more convictions will result in an indefinite licence suspension.

If you have charged with driving while prohibited, remember do not plead guilty without receiving legal advice.

At Chak Law, our 10 years more experienced Criminal Lawyers frequently assist clients who have been charged with driving while prohibited. Call our Vancouver Driving On Suspended Licence lawyers now +1 604-242-3708 for a case review to learn how we can help.

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